FELIPE VIEL presenta Papaciencia, la ciencia que requiere mas paciencia!

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Miami, April 25, 2016. Deletrea Publishers announced earlier today the publication of Papaciencia a new book written by Felipe Viel –a renowned TV host in the United States– where he speaks honestly and openly for the first time about how to survive the challenging task of parenting in our modern world.

Felipe Viel, besides having a successful career in television, is a sponsor of the Foster Care Program in South Florida, which supports children at social risk. He has also done social work in Haiti and is a spokesperson for the “TECHO” foundation. He was also awarded the Miami Life Award for his humanitarian work.

Papaciencia or “the science that requires more patience, the science of being a dad” is a guide which contains tips for surviving the task of parenting nowadays. “I was motivated to write this book after all the experiences that I’ve gone through as a parent, two of my daughters from my marriage are teenagers and three are “foster kids”, from the Foster Care program that supports children at social risk” said Felipe.

Papaciencia, besides really practical tips, provides a father’s point of view: a modern parent, involved in the tasks that were previously divided between mom and dad: changing diapers, counseling, cooking with good hand and going to work. Felipe Viel understands that parenting is a work of love and patience, and has rescued from his parental experience valuable lessons that he shares with wisdom, simplicity and a warm sense of humor.
libro papaciencia

  • If you are one of those dads who have had to change their holy happy hour with their friends to watch Happy Feet with your children, this book is for you.
  • If you are one of those moms who would like to see your husband more involved in the upbringing of your children, this book is for you.
  • If you are the type of dads and moms that despite the tiredness, the fear of failure and change in roles, are willing to take on the challenge of bringing up children with a huge share of honesty and love, this book is for you.

“Sometimes I would like to be an iDad created by Steve Jobs to make my daughter feel so much devotion for me as she feels for her cellphone” states Viel, referring to only one of the challenges that parents face nowadays. What parent has not experienced a similar situation in which love, dedication and devotion are neither enough nor competition with technology, video games or plans with friends? This book is the perfect and necessary guide for a world in which parents face new challenges and changing and more flexible family roles: the new family reality.

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